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Work Smarter, Not Harder.

We all have just 24 hours in each day.  We all have hobbies and things we like to do when we are not doing what someone else pays us to do.  Whether it's spending time with your family, exercising, serving in your community or church, moonlighting in preparation of launching your big idea or simply watching television...there is life outside of the workplace and what you do with that that part of your life really matters.

Then there's the workplace.  The C-Suite, the Shop, the Office, the Field, the place we spend the majority of our waking hours each week.  There we have a job description that we are held accountable for.  When's the last time you read yours?  Are you doing what it says you should be doing?  The idea is that your company, your employer has a Mission, a Vision, Core Values and key products and/or services that ultimately provide the means for digitally giving you money at least every two weeks.  

Further, your job description fills a particular, strategic, position on the bus and if you aren't doing exactly what you were hired to do and hopefully with the bandwidth to excel at it, then your company is possibly not achieving its goals either and everyone on the bus is at risk.

In short, we all have a limited amount of time to do the things we want and must do.  Making sure we are doing the right things and doing them well is really important.

This post is meant to encourage reflection and hopefully spur a moment of realization that either (1) you and/or your company are doing a great job staying balanced and focused or (2) something is out of whack and calibration is in order so that either you or your company can get back to achieving excellence aligned with your true Purpose.

Some of the commonly known tools, tenets and tasks that lead to working smarter and not harder in life are: discipline, organization, planning, delegation, the Full Focus Planner, prayer, making time for learning, asking for help or advice, building a team and so on.  There's no one silver bullet on the matter and the aforementioned list is really much longer and situational.  Find what works for you and your company before your colleagues, your investors, your family or yourself experiences disappointment, burn-out, regret, missed opportunity, lost profitability, termination, soured relationships or simply the label of good instead of great.

It just so happens that the primary value proposition of Trident Structures is centered on the idea that we can make it easy for our customers to get the hard things done by being the one team they turn to in delegating the tall task of Engineering, Procuring and Constructing an intelligent facility.  For the customer, the easy way can look like: issuing as few contracts as possible, leaning on an entire team who's primary purpose and skill set is to take a project from idea to operation quickly, passing the risk of hitting the deadline on to the design-build contractor, paying one vendor regularly instead of hundreds, having as little as one meeting a week for project updates and finding a partner that is humble, hungry and smart enough to admit fault or respectfully advise of a better way.  

Sometimes we are the experts on that piece of equipment, how to handle that commodity or that type of facility.  Sometimes we are not the subject-matter experts. Thank goodness for our industry partners. Thank goodness we are not selling expertise across the entire spectrum of industrial material-handling and processing facilities and equipment.  The case for Trident is not about how many times we've built that or how many decades our industry veterans have been in the game.  The case for Trident begins with understanding that we are here to present a way for our customers to ensure that they and their company are doing the right things and doing them well with the limited amount of time they have.  

Many of our customers have project relevant experts of their own; but, they also have a product or service to provide that we can help bring to the market while they focus on that job description and Mission that was mentioned earlier.  What Trident Structures is selling is the ability and capacity for you or your company to get it all done (not just that one project).  

What Trident Structures is selling its customers is more than just a new facility.  It's more time with the family, investor confidence, peace of mind, the opportunity to get back in the gym or attack the next market, product launch or problem that only their people can solve.  

Then we sprinkle on relevant expertise, experience and the in-house capabilities and capacity to design, detail, project manage, procure, fabricate, assemble, erect, install, commission and maintain on this thing and we've got something that's rare.

Ok, maybe that got too deep.  Or maybe we're just sticking to the job description...From Smart to Finish, make it easy to get the hard things done.  

What are your hard things?

Ben Trantham


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